Professional Coolsculpting ELITE Services

Coolsculpting instruments on a blue pedestal

Everybody wants to look their best, and there are many ways to improve your appearance. One of the most popular treatments people seek out is Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is a non-invasive treatment that uses freezing temperatures to destroy fat cells. Since 2001, coolsculpting has been the treatment that more than 9 million people have looked for.


However, not every center or doctor offers reliable coolsculpting services. But don’t worry, we got you covered! At Ballentyne we offer ELITE services, and it’s because we use the latest technology and most experienced professionals. We’re truly dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible experience. Call us! We’ll help you achieve the results you’re looking for, and you’ll be glad you chose us.

What Can You Expect From Our Services?

– First, we’ll consult with you to see if Coolsculpting is the proper treatment for you. We’ll assess your goals and areas of concern to determine if this is the best action. We’ll develop a treatment plan tailored specifically for you if it is.

– Next, we’ll perform the Coolsculpting procedure. That usually takes about an hour, and you may feel discomfort as the freezing temperatures apply to your skin. However, this is usually well tolerated and goes away quickly.

– After the procedure, we’ll provide you with aftercare instructions. It’s essential to follow these carefully to ensure the best possible results.

– Finally, you can expect results in about two to four weeks. These will continue to improve for up to six months, at which point you may decide to have additional treatments to achieve your goals.

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Why Choose Ballentyne Medical Aesthetic Over Other providers?

There are several reasons to choose Ballentyne for your Coolsculpting needs:

– We use the latest technology. That ensures that you’ll get the best possible results from your treatment.

– We’ve got a team of experienced professionals. Our team has been trained specifically in Coolsculpting, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

– We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible experience. We understand this is a big decision, and we’ll be there with you every step to ensure you’re comfortable and informed.


Get The Body You Ever Wanted With Ballentyne’s Coolsculpting Services!

If you’re unhappy with your appearance, it can be tough to feel confident and enjoy your life to the fullest. Whether you struggle with excess weight, wrinkles, or cellulite, our team at Ballentyne Medical Aesthetic can help you achieve the flawless look you have always wanted with our coolsculpting services in Portsmouth, NH. 


Our Coolsculpting services are designed to target and eliminate fat cells without surgery or downtime, so you can get back to enjoying your life as soon as possible. In as little as one session, you can start seeing dramatic results that will leave you looking and feeling your best. Why wait any longer to get the dream body you ever wanted?