Laser Hair Removal- 8 Facts You Need to Know Before Getting It

Hair growth is a natural process. However, it is not a pleasing sight to look at “luscious” body hair. Both men and women spend a lot of money and time on waxing, cleaning, and other procedures. Some even take the painful method of tweezing out the hair follicles. Instead of enduring hours of pain during and after the traditional hair removal options, laser hair removal can be used to quickly remove hair from your body in a pain-free manner.

Before you get lured into the room with the promises of a hair-free body, you should consider knowing about some helpful facts for better understanding-

  1. Hair Follicles are Important: Before your appointment, you will be required to shave the area you want the laser treatment on. It is not recommended to wax, use epilators, or tweeze your hair because it will reduce the efficiency of lasers.
  2. Lasers Detect Pigments in Hair Follicles: Hair pigments are detected by the machine, and light is targeted. The light is converted into a beam of laser, which heats and destroys the hair follicle from the root. This is the reason why you are advised against waxing or tweezing as they remove the hair follicles and reduce the efficiency of the laser treatment.
  3. Laser Treatment is Not Painful: Apart from tugging feeling in the sensitive areas such as chin and upper lips with thinner skin, the patient undergoing laser treatment does not feel any pain. 
  4. You Don’t Feel Any Heat: Although lasers use heat to destroy the hair follicles, the patient does not feel anything. It is very precise targeting and does not damage the surrounding tissues. However, newer technologies have fans that send cold air streams to immediately cool neighboring tissues.
  5. Procedure Duration Varies With the Targeted Area: The time required to complete every session depends on your target area. For both men and women, it can range from ten minutes to an hour. Smaller targets like chin, underarms, and lips can be completed in fifteen minutes, while back and chest can take upto an hour.
  6. Laser Results Take Time: You will see the results of a laser hair removal treatment after two to three weeks of the procedure. For the best results, you need to take eight to twelve sessions. It is advised to be regular with your appointments as the practitioner will destroy hair follicles at different stages for efficiency.
  7. Avoid Sun Exposure: You should avoid excessive sun exposure right before and after the treatment. Even if you are indoors, you are expected to use sunscreens to prevent any side effects. 
  8. Stay Cool Post Laser Hair Removal: You will be asked not to take a shower or do any strenuous activity that can heat the body. Since the heat from lasers will be in your body, added heat could cause rashes. 

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